A garbage disposal is a device that grinds up food wastes that pass through your kitchen sink. Aside from helping you save time and effort in disposing kitchen scraps and leftover food, it also helps eliminate the possibility of stinky odors. For that reason, garbage disposals are a useful addition to every homeowner’s kitchen.

Aside from that, it’s crucial to understand that you shouldn’t dump every kind of kitchen waste into your disposal. Some items, such as shells or certain vegetable peels, may damage your appliance and cause garbage disposal clogs. Read on to learn more about what you should avoid putting down your kitchen sink. 

  • Coffee Grounds

While it may seem harmless to put coffee grounds down your garbage disposal, that’s not the case at all. Coffee grounds can form a thick, dense paste and settle in your drains, causing a clog or slow drainage. So, it’s best to dispose of them in a compost area or simply in the trash bin.

  • Hard Foods

Bones, shells, nuts, and pits are some of the hard foods that you should never dump down your sink. Although your garbage disposal might be strong, letting them grind down hard foods may shorten their lifespan. Plus, it may even damage your machine’s grinding mechanism and need a repair or replacement.

  • Eggshells

Another food waste that may harm your garbage disposal are eggshells. Here, the major concern is the thick membrane lining found in the shells. These may stick to the insides of your disposal and wrap around the grinder. When this happens, it may either cause functionality issues, damage your appliance, or even cause blockage.

  • Grease, Oil, and Fat

Despite being liquid, these food wastes may inflict extensive damage on your plumbing if they’re poured down the sink. Grease, oil, and fat harden when they cool. So, if these settle in your garbage disposal, you’ll likely have issues with your machine. Besides that, if the grease and fat build up in your pipes, expect major clogs that might lead to a sewer backup.

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