Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

1.   If my water heater is leaking can it be repaired or does it need to be replaced?
First, check the temperature or relief valve (located on the side of the water heater near the top) and the drain valve (located near the bottom of the unit). If your water is leaking from one of those valves, then we can replace it and get you right back to hot water. If water is leaking from the tank itself, then you will need a new water heater. Call us at 608-256-3900 and we can repair or replace your water heater as needed, same day.

  1.  Why is my toilet ALWAYS running?

A running toilet is not only annoying to deal with, but it could also be super expensive. Did you know your water utility bill could TRIPLE just from a running toilet? Crazy huh?  Call H.J. Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection and get your toilet tank parts replaced now to prevent the annoyance and unwanted surprise of a larger water utility bill later.

  1.  What should I do with my outside hose bibb when winter arrives?

Your outside hose bib could put more water in your basement than on your lawn. You should properly winterize your outside faucet each fall to prevent your water line from freezing and bursting and not even knowing until spring when it began to rain in the base. Let H.J. Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection install the proper isolation valves and winterize these faucets for you.

  1.  How can I get my faucets to sparkle?

When cleaning your faucets, do not use abrasive cleaners, cloths or paper towels. Also stay away from cleaning agents containing acids, polish abrasives, harsh cleaners, or soap. Chemicals such as ammonia could adversely affect the finish. Instead, clean faucets with a sponge and buff dry. Finally, use only non-abrasive gentle liquids or fully dissolved powder cleaners mixed to the manufacturer’s directions.

  1. Why is my toilet tank leaking water?

Your toilet tank can be leaking water for many reasons. The first could be that you’re damaging the fittings in your toilet tank by using a high concentration of chlorine and chlorine-related products. Using these in-tank bowl cleaners can cause leakage from the toilet tank and possible property damage. So do not use in-tank bowl cleaners! Instead, use a mild liquid bowl cleaner regularly, this will also help to keep your toilet’s finish sparkling.

  1.  My sump pump stopped working. What can be the cause?

The most common reason why your sump pump stopped working is probably due to electric. For instance, there can be a power outage or a blown circuit breaker due to the other electrical items plugged in. Other reasons can include the sump pump is the wrong size, there is a problem with the switch, or the sump pump wasn’t installed properly.

  1.  What temperature should my water heater be set at?

If you’re looking to conserve energy, yet make sure there’s enough hot water, then setting you’re hot water heater at 120°F is the recommended temperature.