Residential Plumbing Services in Madison, WI

Sinks & Faucets

  • Complete kitchen remodeling services.
  • Installation and repair of all brands of fixtures and faucets.
  • Leaky and/or dripping water piping repair and service.
  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement.
  • Installation of filtered drinking faucets, hot water dispensers, R.O. systems and whole house filtration.
  • Dishwasher installation.
  • Washing machine and dryer relocation and connection.

Sewers & Drains

  • Video camera sewer line inspection and line locating.
  • High pressured water jetting services for sewer, roof drains and storm drains.
  • Municipal water jetting.
  • Emergency water and sewer line repair in Madison, WI.
  • Complete sewer/drain cleaning services: we unplug sewer lines, toilets, tubs, laundry tubs, sinks, shower drains, floor drains and roof drains.

Water Heaters & Softeners

  • Water softener & water heater repair and replacement in Madison, WI.
  • Tankless water heater installation in Madison, WI. Maintenance and repair offered as well.


  • Water and drain piping upgrades.
  • Water leak detection and repair.
  • Outside hose faucet repair or replacement.
  • Clogged and broken pipe repairs.
  • Winterizing home plumbing to avoid freezing pipes.
  • Thawing frozen water piping, drain pipes and storm drains.
  • Sump pump installation. Repair and replacement offered as well.

Automatic Fire Protection Systems

If you own a building that needs to be brought up to code, such as adding a fire protection system, we can recommend and install a system that meets your needs. Trust HJP for your retrofit fire protection services.

Toilets, Showers & Tubs

  • Complete bathroom remodeling services.
  • Leaking or running toilet repair in Madison, WI.
  • Bathtub and shower faucet repair or replacement.

Natural Gas Lines

Gas line installation, service, and replacement for gas stoves, grills, dryers, and more.

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A lot of companies claim to be service-oriented. But H. J. Pertzborn employees live it every day. We are best known for the same day service that we can often provide, and we treat your plumbing problem like it’s our own. We get it done quickly, cleanly and professionally. To make your problem go away, call us today at 608-256-3900.


Getting the Lead Out

Recently, you may have received a letter from the Madison Water Utility explaining how they will remove the lead pipe from the water main to the curb stop in your terrace during the coming weeks to upgrade your water service. While the street and terrace are still open, you can save a lot of money by upgrading the water service from the curb stop to your home at the same time. Get rid of the lead for your family’s sake! Call H.J. Pertzborn at 608-256-3900.


Services for Your Sewer

We recommend having your sanitary sewer line cleaned annually to help prevent unwanted back-ups in your basement. If your sanitary sewer line backs up more often than once a year we recommend videotaping the line. This tells tell us if any breaks, cracks, or separations exist in the line. If you do have a problem, we offer emergency underground water and sewer pipe repair services.


Keeping Your Sewer Lines Clear

Did you know tree roots grow more during the winter months? And that these tree roots will seek out the joints of your sanitary sewer in their quest to find moisture – eventually clogging the pipe. To help prevent this problem, avoid planting trees and shrubs over your sanitary sewer lines.

Other helpful hints for keeping the lines clear:

  • Don’t flush baby wipes or sanitary items down the toilet.
  • Never overfill your garbage disposal with food waste.
  • Don’t put large amounts of paint, wallpaper glue, or drywall mud down your drains.
  • Install lint traps in the sinks where your washing machine discharges. It’s easier to clean a lint trap than a drain line.

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