Common Causes of a Leaking Outdoor Faucet

While a leaky spigot may not seem like a big deal, leaving it unattended can lead to serious problems, like wasting water and increasing your utility bills. Aside from that, a leak may also damage your home’s foundation, resulting in costly repairs. So, if you spot this issue with your outdoor faucet, call a plumber immediately. 

There are many reasons why your outdoor faucet might be leaking. Here are some of them:

Faulty or Worn-Out Washer

The washer is responsible for creating a tight seal on your faucet. So, once it becomes damaged, a leak may ensue. Aside from the natural wear and tear, the wrong size or improper installation of a washer may also lead to its damage. Because of this, it’s always best to have an expert work on your home’s plumbing.

Broken O-Ring

If you have a leaking washerless faucet, the problem may be with the O-ring – the part of the spigot which holds the handle in place and seals water in. A broken O-ring usually needs to be replaced with a new one to fix a leak.

High Water Pressure

Another potential reason for your leaky spigot is the water pressure. If it is too high, the water flow may become messed up, resulting in a backup that causes a leak in one or more of your faucets. Excess water pressure can also indicate a more serious plumbing issue, so consult a plumber as soon as you notice your outdoor faucet is leaking.

Loose Components

Your faucet’s components can become loose over time, especially with regular use. When this happens, a leak will likely occur. Besides that, loosened parts may also be caused by improper installation, so it’s best to have an expert check your plumbing to ensure this problem won’t occur again.

Still, a leaking outdoor faucet may not easily be detected, so it’ll help to learn about some indications of this issue. Look out for signs such as mold and mildew growth, pooling water in the yard, and any structural damage to your home.

Get Professional Plumbing Services Near You

Although it’s possible to perform DIY repairs on a leaky faucet, doing so without the proper expertise may result in further damage and even costlier repairs. So, if you suspect you have a leaking outdoor faucet or another plumbing emergency, contact a professional. Reach out to HJ Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection in Madison, WI to schedule an appointment or learn about our services.