For many families in America, especially those who live in frigid regions, warm running water is a necessity. Each day, it’s estimated that the average household uses the water heater at least 20 times.

With how frequent it’s being used, it’s inevitable that a water heater will eventually break down due to wear and tear. But how will you know if you need a new unit? For your reference, listed below are three signs that you need a new water heater.

Rusty Water

If your warm water is rusty, it only signifies that your heater’s interior isn’t in good shape. Rust will slowly deteriorate your water heater until water starts leaking from it.

To determine whether you need to replace your heater, fill three five-gallon buckets from your unit. If the water is still rusty by the third bucket, you have to get a new unit installed as water heater repair in Madison, WI, can no longer fix the issue.

You can avoid this problem by adding magnesium, aluminum, or a zinc anode rod to the water in your heater.

Loud Noises

As your water heating unit ages, sediment starts building up on the bottom of the tank. If you hear banging and rumbling noises from your unit, those are likely caused by the sediment buildup.

This causes your water heater to expend too much energy. In addition, you’ll run out of hot water quicker.

Immediately seek help from a plumbing professional if you hear loud sounds from your water heater. That way, they can tell you if your unit is salvageable or if you need to get a new one.

Water Leaks

Heating expands the tank’s metal, which can lead to some fractures. When this happens, water may start leaking from your heater.

Water leaks are serious problems as they can destroy certain parts of the home. On top of that, your utility bill could also increase drastically.

Water heater repair in Madison, WI, won’t resolve the issue. A leaking water heater needs to be replaced right away.

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