Let’s be honest, sitting on your throne while letting out what needs to be released is one of the most satisfying experiences. That’s until you realize that your toilet is clogged and whatever you’ve just brought out wouldn’t get washed away no matter how many times you push the flush. It’s frustrating, especially when the problem keeps on occurring even after multiple attempts of solving it.

Before calling for a residential plumbing repair provider, it’s best to dig into the possible causes of the issue. Here are three of the reasons why your toilet keeps clogging:

You’re Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Have you been disposing of things down the toilet other than human waste? Diapers, cotton swabs, wet wipes, and tampons, perhaps? If so, then it’s not a surprise that you have a clogged toilet. Such items, when flushed down, don’t break down easily or not at all. They block the drainage. If you have something to throw away, better put it in a basket or a can—never in a toilet bowl.

There Are Sewer Line Problems

Check all your drains and toilets at home. Does clogging happen not only in one area but also in others? That could be a sign of a bigger problem. Non-flushable items and waste materials may have accumulated in the main drain which can cause blockage in multiple fixtures. It’s best to have a professional for residential plumbing repair to assess and to fix this issue.

You Have an Outdated Toilet

Old toilets may not have enough flushing power. If your fixture does not drain everything completely, then you may need a new one that’s up to the current standards.

In addition, you can reap the benefits from the improvements in newer models. For example, most of them are designed to reduce water usage. 

Clogged Toilet? No Problem!

Our professionals at H.J. Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection handle a wide variety of residential plumbing repair services—from unclogging toilets to fixing sewer lines. For many years, we’ve been a trusted provider in Madison, WI. With our contractor’s expertise, property owners can count on us for quality work. Call us now!

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