The toilet is a necessity in every home. And because it is one of the most used bathroom fixtures, any problem or malfunction with the toilet should not be ignored. Not only will it cause inconveniences in your daily life, but it will also pose risks to your home, like flooding and mold infestation.

When you encounter a problem with your toilet, you might consider replacing it right away. But there are some issues that only need simple repairs. Look out for the signs to determine what toilet services you’ll need before calling a professional.

Signs You Need a Toilet Repair

Just like any other fixture in the bathroom, your toilet may give you trouble after some time. Here are a few problems that call for repairs:

  • Flushing issues

Do you have a slow flushing toilet? Or does it not flush at all? A faulty flapper, clog, or low water level may cause this. Although it may be an easy fix, you can always call a plumber to help you.

  • The toilet is constantly running

Your toilet should only run when it is flushed. So, if you notice it running despite not flushing, it needs to be repaired. A reason for this may be a worn flapper valve, which can be fixed by installing a new one. Other causes include a leaky fill valve or a faulty overflow valve.

Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement

When you’re having constant difficulties with your toilet, a repair may not be enough. Read on to know which situations call for a replacement.

  • It needs frequent repairs

Constant toilet repairs can become quite expensive. Think of the money you’ll spend on fixing issues and compare it to buying a brand-new toilet. Besides saving money, installing a new one will also be less time-consuming.

  • The tank or bowl is damaged

A cracked toilet is a major sign to have it replaced. Since they are made of porcelain, even a hairline crack can prove disastrous, especially if it grows larger. When this happens, have a professional replace your toilet immediately.

Call a Plumbing Expert Today

Understanding when to repair or replace your toilet helps you solve minor problems and avoid buying a new one if you don’t need to. For an expert’s assistance, reach out to us at HJ Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection in Madison, WI. Our team of professionals can help with a variety of toilet services and your other plumbing needs.