Common Causes of Slow Shower Drains

Having a slow drain in your shower can be troublesome. Aside from causing inconvenience when taking a bath, this plumbing problem may also lead to foul odors, mold, and mildew growth if left unaddressed. So, if you experience slow drainage, it’s best to fix it right away. There are many reasons you may have a slow shower drain, including the following:

  • Soap Scum
    When soap combines with minerals in the water, it forms a white, chalky residue called scum. So, if your home has hard water with higher levels of calcium and magnesium, you are more at risk of dealing with soap scum. When this residue gradually builds up in your drain and pipes, it can obstruct water flow, leading to slow drainage.
  • Hair Buildup
    Slow drainage may also be caused by the buildup of hair that falls out when you shower. So, it’s best to collect and remove hair from your drain every after bathing. You may also get a hair catcher or drain cover to make the job easier.
  • Foreign Objects
    Sometimes, small items like bottle caps, razors, and toys may accidentally end up in your shower drainage, blocking water flow. To prevent this, always be cautious in the bathroom and quickly remove items that may clog your drains.
  • Pipe Issues
    If the reason for your slow drain is not a clog, there might be an underlying plumbing issue instead. One of which is damaged pipes. If your piping has cracked because of tree root infiltration or begun to corrode, it may lead to an obstructed water flow. This problem can be difficult to spot without the right tools and expertise, so it’s best to hire a plumber to help you. 

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