5 DIY Plumbing Tips You Should Know

Your plumbing system can be quite complex, making it intimidating to handle should a problem arise. Thus, it is advantageous to learn about some basic house plumbing tips. Aside from helping you mitigate issues early, doing so will also prevent costly repairs. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Locate Your Shut-Off Valves

The main shut-off valve allows you to stop the water flow around the house. Learning about this component’s location is crucial, so you can turn off the water in case of a leak or other plumbing emergencies. The main valve is usually located in the basement or near an exterior wall outside your house.

Besides the main shut-off valve, you may have individual ones that turn off specific fixtures, like the toilet or sinks. With this, you can work on a single plumbing fixture without halting the water flow in the entire house. 

2. Check for Leaks

A leak can lead to high utility bills, severe plumbing issues, and costly water damage. So, it’s best to check for potential leaks and address them immediately. Inspect your faucets, toilets, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures. If you notice water stains, drips, or dampness, it is a clear sign of a leak.

3. Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Another DIY plumbing tip is to be careful of what you put down the drain to avoid clogs. Avoid dumping grease, oil, coffee grounds, fibrous foods, and other substances that can stick to your pipes and cause damage. You can also use drain catchers to prevent food waste, soap residue, and other debris from entering your pipes.

4. Do Not Overtighten Fixtures

When installing or repairing plumbing fixtures, like faucets or showerheads, it’s essential not to overtighten them. Doing so can damage the fixtures or ruin plumbing connections, leading to leaks or other issues. Instead, make sure that the connections are snug.

5. Know When to Ask for Help

While it’s helpful to know some DIY plumbing repair tips, it’s not always the best solution. Some plumbing tasks, although doable, require the knowledge and expertise of a professional plumber. They can ensure safe and efficient procedures and prevent costly damage from DIY errors. So, if you don’t have the right tools or don’t feel confident in your repairs, talk to an expert.

Get Reliable Plumbing Services Near You

These tips will help you better maintain and repair your home plumbing system. Still, if you encounter an unfamiliar issue or a severe plumbing problem, immediately contact an expert. Contact HJ Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection in Madison, WI for your emergency plumbing needs.