Common Plumbing Problems in Spring

When winter ends, and the temperature rises to welcome springtime, you may think the worst of your plumbing issues are over. But, as the colder months come with many piping and drainage challenges, the same goes for the months following soon after.

The changing weather from cold to warm can pose various risks for residential plumbing systems, causing problems that may require significant repairs and replacement. Read on to learn about some common spring plumbing problems to watch out for.

Leaky Pipes
Because of the extreme winter temperatures, water may freeze in your plumbing. When this occurs, pipes may contract and expand, leading to cracks. Only once the warm weather sets in and the frozen water in your pipe thaws will they show signs of a leak.

Small leaks can be hard to spot and, if left unattended, can worsen and result in more severe issues, like burst pipes. Because of this, routine check-ups and maintenance are crucial to preparing your home plumbing for spring.

Outdoor Pipe Obstruction
Spring is when plants, trees, and shrubs start sprouting and flourishing. Because of this, their roots may grow and spread out in your backyard, potentially reaching your underground plumbing, including your main sewer line. Root obstruction in your pipes may cause poor water pressure and slow drainage.

Slow or Clogged Drains
The cold and busy holiday season is one of the main causes of slow or clogged drainage in spring. During winter, homeowners prefer staying warm indoors or hosting house parties and gatherings to celebrate the holidays. Because of the increased household activities, your plumbing system works twice as hard.

Without proper maintenance after the winter festivities, grease, food waste, hair, and other debris may build up in your pipes, causing obstructed water flow. To prevent this issue from worsening, seek help from a professional plumber.

Talk to a Trusted Plumber Near You
Now that you know more about the common spring plumbing problems, you can better prepare for the season once winter ends. If you encounter an emergency plumbing problem in your outdoor drainage or pipes, it’s best to consult an expert. Contact us at HJ Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection in Madison, WI today!