You may find your faucets with watermarks despite regularly cleaning them or the walls in your shower with excessive lime and chalk buildup. You also may have noticed your appliances like laundry machines and coffee makers tend to break quicker. If these signs are evident, your home is probably running on hard water.

A water softener is a cost-effective solution to the negative impacts of hard water in your home. This treatment system helps break down the high levels of minerals in tap water like calcium and magnesium that react to soap, detergent, and your skin’s pH balance. Read more about why getting a water softener installation from HJ Pertzborn is an investment worth having.

Lower Bills and Expenses

Softener systems will help you reduce costly repair bills. The mineral ions of soft water will help lessen buildup in your pipes. This improves your heater’s performance and eventually saves you from the expense of getting water heater repair services.

Highly mineralized water causes wear and tear on some home appliances. Having a softener system will help prevent the harsh effects of hard water on your coffee makers, dishwashers, and laundry machines.

Easier Cleaning

The minerals found on the tap often leave films or spots in your glassware. You will then have to use more soap or detergent to clean the dishes and clothes. With a softener system, you will find it easier to clean just about anything.

Cleaner Hair and Softer Skin

Calcium deposits from hard water prevent soaps and shampoos from dissolving, leaving you with an itchy scalp or dry skin. Soft water provides more benefits than just enjoying a deeper lather. It also helps your skin avoid losing its natural oils.

Call a Plumbing Contractor

Water softener installation includes having a professional assess your home’s piping as well as the size and number of rooms in your home. Fortunately, our team at HJ Pertzborn Plumbing & Fire Protection are qualified plumbers who can help you find the right system that suits the layout of your property. Reach out to us today to get clear, soft water in no time.

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