Flushing objects other than human waste down the toilet can damage your pipes and even the sewer system, leading to unnecessary costs and repairs. And fixing a clogged toilet by themselves can put any homeowner in an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

Luckily, there is a way to steer away from these types of difficult scenarios. Read about some of the things you should avoid flushing if you want to keep your pipes clog-free.

Tissues, Paper Towels, and Wipes

Paper towels, tissues, and wipes disintegrate in water slower compared to toilet paper. So, they could gum up the works when you flush them down the toilet.

Place a trash bin in an accessible area to prevent people from disposing of the products through the facility. Proper waste disposal not only keep the pipes clear but also helps avoid sewer systems contamination.

Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, and Other Small Cotton Products

One may think that cotton products can’t clog the pipes and will just slide their way down to the sewer. This is not the case because cotton expands when it absorbs water and doesn’t break down easily. When little pieces of this material pile up, they can cause partial or even full blockage on your pipes.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Some find it convenient to dispose of tampons, menstrual pads, and pantyliners in toilets. This, however, is not a great practice since these feminine care products are also made of cotton, and most of them have sticky, plastic undersides. It’s easy to see why these materials can easily clog pipes.


You should also avoid flushing food scraps down the toilet. Some may think they break down on the water easily, but they don’t. Oily and fatty food even tend to harden when exposed to cold temperatures, and once they get stuck on your pipes, they create obstructions, and it’s hard to plunge them. You will need the expertise of our toilet plumbing team at HJ Pertzborn to clear up your pipework completely.

Call an Expert When the Clog is Too Stubborn

It is less expensive to unclog your toilet using DIY alternatives like baking soda mixes, plungers, or drain snakes. But sometimes, the blockage is too big, dense, or far down your pipes that these options won’t cut it.

If you are having a hard time unclogging on your own, our toilet plumbing experts at HJ Pertzborn are here to help clear out your pipes from even the gnarliest clogs. We will also help you avoid these situations in the future. Get in touch with our team today.