Winter is coming, and fast. First, the leaves turn from green to red. Then, everybody starts wearing knitwear sweaters. Before you know it, the snowy season has arrived.

There are things homeowners and renters must know to prepare their homes for the cold months ahead. Keep the warmth in, the cold out, and the utility bills regulated by following these tips.

Flush the Heater

Sediment can build up at the bottom of the water heater, which can decrease its efficiency. To address this, flush the water to clear out the particles inside the heating tank.

Check the Gutters

This is simple yet very important. Remove blockages such as leaves and install a gutter guard if possible. Prevent ice dams from forming by making sure that water can flow freely through the gutters.

Seal the Openings

Gaps in the doors, windows, or siding can easily be filled with caulk. Doing so will prevent cool air from seeping in and can help your heating system function more efficiently.

Fortify Your Pipes

First, make sure that any damage to the plumbing system is addressed. Even if it’s as simple as a dripping faucet, it’s best to deal with all plumbing issues if possible.

Meanwhile, frozen pipes can be avoided by insulating them. For brutal temperature drops, keep a few faucets open to prevent the pipes from bursting. Also, consider installing an emergency pressure release valve to protect the pipes from increased pressure.

Replace Worn Out Filters

This might seem superficial, but it can make a huge difference. Change the filters of the central cooling and heating system. Doing so will significantly improve the HVAC system’s functionality during winter, which helps decrease electric consumption.

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